Monday, September 1, 2014

More Glue Tests

I did another "board test" using some new glues I picked up.

The old formula Elmer's White and the Aleene's Tacky both dried with high raised sides while the centers sank in. The old formula Elmer's dried very hard, the Aleene's tacky glue is soft. You can easily press it in with a fingernail. While the Aleene's is fully dry, it is flexible like the glue from a glue gun.
The other three - Elmer's School, Elmer's School Gel and a generic Hobby Lobby white all dried very flat, spread out and close to the surface.
All dried clear except for the Elmer's School Gel which ended up a green color. I was hoping the gel glue would allow for an easier slide in for engine mounts and couplers.
All the glues adhered well. The dried drops were hard to lift up of the cardboard with the tip of a knife.

On some of the Estes red couplers and (vendors) brown couplers you still have to sand to fit in the body tubes.
Enough testing, I'll use Epoxy on engine mounts and couplers.


  1. Where do you find the old formula Elmer's. I thought you said the bottles of 'old formula' that you bought were actual new formula in the old bottle (see post 21 July 2014). I would love to have seen 'new formula' and Tight Bond Molding and Trim added to this broad survey. Also, in your picture the Aleene's looks a little white. Every time I use Aleene's it dries crystal clear. Maybe it is a photography artifact.

    1. Hi Eero,
      The old Elmer's shown in the picture was the old formula. I still had some left.
      You'd have a hard time finding the old formula Elmer's white glue now. I'd already did this test with the old formula Elmer's and T M&TG. Both dried without as much shrinking and soaking into the cardboard.
      The thickest part of the Aleene's did look a bit "milky" when dry.
      The dropped, thinner center was clear.