Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Estes Guardian Build, Part 11, Lower Trim Placement

The black trim pieces overlapped the root edge fillet slightly.

All the trim pieces were hard to set down. There are too many edges and tips to line up. The pieces were set down, lifted, aligned and set down again. This took too long to get close.

The forward blue pieces went down easier, probably because I had practice with all the previous pieces.
Here I've already set the piece onto the fin and removed it to trim a bit off the root edge. the blue can't overlap onto the root edge.
The black overlaps disappear, the blue wouldn't.
On the face card picture you could see a slight separation between the blue and black trim pieces. I overlapped the blue over black to allow for shrinkage.
The only decor in the kit is the Guardian name and faded blue stripe.
There is some clear area surrounding the two name strips.
I cut off the clear border areas close to the name and stripe. This will make the sticker less noticeable on the finished model.

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