Friday, September 26, 2014

Estes Black Brant III, Part 15, Decal Fix? Part 1

The model sat for a month until I put in another order of decal sheets.
This time my ordered included "white" decals. These are meant for decals that need a white undercoat or border. I thought these would be much thinner than the clear sheets I sprayed with white paint.
They were - almost too thin.
The decal sheet did get three coats of Krylon clear.

Down the main body of the rocket there is a white vertical band around 3/8" wide.

These stripes were cut down the long 11" side of the sheet, still too small  for the length of the body tube.
The second piece was carefully matched up.
I tried to plan ahead, the seam will be covered by the Canada flag decal.

The Canada flag decal gets a slight white border.
More white was cut, just a bit larger than the flag.

The white box was set down first followed by the red flag.

Mentioned earlier, the decals are a bit translucent over the red body.
I probably could have done two layers of white, making it opaque.
I was concerned about it being three layers and ending up too thick.


  1. I really like the way it came out. The opaque white stripe is just right and it helps define the stark white border of the Canadian flag. Well done.

  2. Thanks Anonymous,
    This isn't the end of the decal work - a few more posts coming!

  3. Chris why not just paint the whole rocket white then mask the stripes and fin?

  4. Hi Jim,
    It was just too complex.
    You've got the main stripe, over that the flag and the name strips are wider than the first main stripe.
    You could do it that way, but I always look for a simpler solution. This one wasn't that simple in the end.

  5. Where did you order these decals from? I'm looking for something similar. Thanks!

    1. Hi Ed,
      The company I ordered these white home print decals sheets from is out of business. You can still get white decal paper from and