Saturday, September 13, 2014

More Ebay Sales!

I've got some more rocketry items up for auction on EBAY.

This is a NEW BMS Mighty D Launch Controller.
I've got quite a history with this unit, I drew up the instructions for BMS.
Somewhere along the way I picked up a third unit. I already have two! CLICK HERE to check it out.
(This following item has been sold)
And second, the Contestant packet from NARAM 24.
It was held in Orlando, Florida in 1982.
I wasn't a contestant, the Centuri guys came by Sea World to visit and gave me the packet.
CLICK HERE to view it all

It's a combination of Estes and Centuri materials, all mint.
Included are the Centuri Design Manual and Rocketeer's Guidebook.
Also inside the blue vinyl envelope are Enerjet and Estes decals, iron on transfers and stickers.

This is the second week of bids for this, the price was lowered!

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