Sunday, September 7, 2014

Estes Guardian Build, Part 9, Lower Body Silver and Black Paint

I tried to paint the fins with Rustoleum Metallic but with the heat and humidity it dried dull. I went with Rusto aluminum.

The body tube is to be painted black. Here's how I masked off the fins.
First the root edges got a mask with Scotch tape. You can see the black marker line at the root edge.
Copy paper was folded over and taped down covering the rest of the fins.

The mask turned out well except for a light bleed on one side of a fin.
I used a damp Mr. Clean sponge to remove most of the black.
I won't use the magic sponge again on a metallic paint!
The sponge did remove the black paint but dulled the aluminum paint. The sponge works better on solid, non metallic colors.
I had to re-spray that one side of the fin.

I was happy with the mask.
The lines are sharp and clean even over the top of the rounded leading edge.


  1. Could you clarify the use of the black marker in this step? Is the final edge at the masking tape defined/sealed with it?

  2. The Scotch tape is marked before setting it down on the model.
    The clear tape would be too hard to see without the marker black on it.
    The black edge does "define" the edge and the inked edge is always the mask line, sealed down under the black edge.

    From a previous blog post:
    When using clear Scotch tape it's hard to see the tape edge.
    I set the tape on glass (my patio door glass) and mark a wide line down the length of the tape with a Sharpie pen. My metal straight edge is set down the middle of the marker line and a new edge is cut. This cut bisects the width of the pen line and gives me a clean, new edge. Sometimes the sides of a sticky tape roll can pick up dirt and dust.

    Here you can see the marker marked tape in place:

  3. I should add,
    The marker lined tape is set down first. Then all the other larger pieces of the mask (larger tape, garbage bags and/or paper covers) go on after that.