Sunday, January 25, 2015

MRC FX Engines

On TRF, a question came up about the MRC FX Engines.

MRC (or Model Rectifier Corporation) make model trains and RC cars. Years back they got into the model rockets business.
Their first catalog was pretty standard stuff: CLICK HERE
They did offer a few new plastic nose cone shapes, and a "Bat" fin can. Launchers and controllers look like re-designed and improved Estes components.

The MRC Concept II catalog was more interesting: CLICK HERE
The new FX engines and models were listed there. Check out the new rail launcher and older "Quest-like" igniters with the glass bead.
I understand Bill Stine did much of the design work for the Concept II series.

"Experience the thrill and added realism of pre-aft-lift-off smoke!
FX Engines are a low thrust-long burning dense smoke producing engine that are used to create  pre lift off smoke for added realism.
Igniting FX engines first, your model will sit on the launch pad and billow dense white smoke for as long as 8 seconds prior to lift-off.
They produce only a slight momentary thrust insufficient to lift the model and the emit a dense white smoke."

The FX engines required the use of the MRC Dual Electric Launch Controller.
There were to ignition buttons, the first for the FX engines, then the second for the standard central thrusting engine.

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