Thursday, May 25, 2017

Carded Red Max Build, Part 4, Fin Skin Gluing

Don't use liquid white glue to attach the skins! Use a glue stick.
TIP: Glue sticks don't over saturate the paper or card stock. They also allow re-positioning before the glue dries.

I use the colored (purple) glue stick so I can see if I have good coverage. Be sure to apply enough down the center fold and along the edges.

Set the skins over the rounded straight leading edge of the cardboard. Press the leading edge fold down on the interior cardboard edge first before smoothing down the sides.

Burnish the skins down onto the cardboard interior piece.
It's not necessary to set these under a weight or in a book to dry.

Be sure your knife blade is new and sharp so the backside skin won't tear when cutting.

After the fins dry, cut through all the layers down the fine line on the "Root Edge" side.
The inset picture shows the other side of the fin. The back side is printed oversize to be sure the red ink covers edge to edge.

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