Thursday, May 18, 2017

Goony X-15, Part 8, Black Paint Switch

So . . . you paint it black! No masking, just black.

I know, it should be flat black. But, there are water slide decals.
You can't get great results placing decals on flat paint. "Silvering" occurs where the decals can't fully adhere to a rougher flat finish.

I wasn't that excited about the gloss black. So much of the fin lines are lost. I hit the model with one light coat of Rustoleum Metallic Black.
What a difference! I'm getting farther away from scale but it's a Goony! Who cares?


  1. Orange like the X-1 would of really made it stand out.

    1. Hi Moontana,
      Not a bad idea! The X-1's are very hard to get stable with the wide forward wings. But as a Goony you could move them back, reduce the span and be forgiven for it not being true scale.