Thursday, May 18, 2017

Paper Cuts?

On Facebook, Mario Perdue posted a link to a very interesting cutting wheel made from two layers of paper.

On the video the paper wheel cuts through plastic, wood, dowels and corrugated cardboard.
Interesting to watch but I'd be concerned the paper might come apart at high speed. This would be one of the times I'd wear goggles. It could work in a pinch.
I don't think Dremel wants anyone to see this video!

To view it: CLICK HERE  


  1. I'm guessing the glue backing acts as a stiffener for the two pieces of paper. Next time I need a new cutting wheel I'll keep this in mind. Hardly ever use the rotary tool now that I have an oscillating tool. They are fabulous, does almost everything a rotary tool can and more. Still need the rotary for drilling, grinding and sanding in tight areas though.

    1. Hi BAR ,
      I think the video talked about how the paper molecules are compressed a bit to the outside of the disk edge from the centrifugal force. But I would think the glue would also help harden the paper.

  2. sewing thread to cut plastic

    string to cut plastic pipe

    1. Thanks Naoto,
      Good to know! I would't think that would be possible.