Monday, May 1, 2017

MPC X2 Invader Build, Part 5, Stickers! I Hate Stickers

These kits were designed for a young builder so stick-on decor is supplied. I never understood why kit vendors assume kids can't apply water-slide decals. I was building plastic models when I was five and using water slides. They may not have been set down straight but they weren't impossible to use at that age.

The stick-on decals were easily removed from the backing sheet. Enough are supplied for each side of the four fins. I only applied them to the right side of the fins.

The upper section of the plastic nose cone gets a wrap around. It took a few attempts to get the ends to line up before burnishing.

The narrow section of the plastic nose gets the "Marvin Martian" name on each side. The sharp pre-cut tips of the "Ms" didn't stick that well on the curved

The shoulder fit was loose and required a 3/4 wrap of masking tape for a better fit.

The supplied 18" parachute is WAY too big for this model. I did like the Marvin Martian art but switched it out for a 12' Odd'l parachute.

The box says the finished model should weigh 2.2 ozs. My finished model weighed 2.47 oz! Another reason not to launch it with the recommended Quest A6-4 engine.

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