Friday, May 5, 2017

Estes Photon Probe #3026 Build, Part 3, Engine Mount

The older kit had thicker centering rings.
To the right is the thinner rings from the reissue kit.

I did my standard relief punches so the rings would slide easier over the engine hook.

The inset picture shows the slight curved punch over the hook.
The instructions would have you glue the upper ring right above the upper bend of the hook. I glue it a little lower, over the hook itself. The upper bend of the hook is a stress point, with the ring over it the mount is stronger.

The older kit had a clear Mylar ring, the reissue kit had a thicker black ring.

The punches shown on the right side picture will be for a replaceable Kevlar mount tube.
(The rings are actually on straight, the camera distorts the angle.)

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