Wednesday, May 24, 2017

New Kevlar Supplier, Part 2

For a while, FlisKits included braided Kevlar in their MicroMax kits. Braided Kevlar is made up of smaller lines, is softer and more flexible. The braided Kevlar will burn through and break quicker than the twisted line.

Here's how the Emma Kite line is shipped. The label is marked: "1,000 feet - 150 lb. - Twist".

Will this line be better than the stiffer line from The Thread Exchange? Time will tell!
My past experience with the stiffer 135 lb. line is it will last for about 20 flights before breaking, usually right above the engine mount. That's one reason I developed a "Replaceable Kevlar Engine Mount" CLICK HEREIf Kevlar is tied beneath the upper centering ring of an engine mount there is no way to tie on a new line once it breaks.

Emma Kites includes a snap swivel with each spool of line. I don't know if I can use this style swivel on a rocket but I'll hang onto it for now.


  1. I do see Emma Kites offers both braided and twist Kevlar. It looks like it costs about same too.

    1000ft 150lb Braided Kevlar Line String for Single Line Kite Flying - US $23.99

    I've just read that twisted line is stiffer and less flexible than braided; has more stretch than braided, but also has a tendency to kink. The ends need to be secured or it can unravel as well. Braided line is less stiff and more flexible; generally stronger than twisted rope and has less stretch than twisted rope.

    1. Hi Elsa,
      Twisted line is stiffer and less flexible than the braided Kevlar. The Emma Kits twisted Kevlar is more flexible than the twisted line from The Thread Exchange.
      I can only go by my past experience using braided line. I haven't had any Kevlar lines kink up. The braided Kevlar I tried didn't last and broke above the engine mount after just a few flights. This was the 65 lb. braided line. I now use 135 and 150 lb. twisted Kevlar.
      Different manufacturers have different grades of Kevlar so your results might vary.