Friday, May 12, 2017

Goony X-15, Part 1, Parts

In the past I bought a few of the Quest X-15 Parts packs. In the pack you get everything except the engine mount, main body tube and parachute.

I figured with some BT-60 based parts I could make a good goony version. I raided the spare parts drawers.

I found an Alpha style nose cone and a length of BT-60.

I think the main reason people buy the X-15 parts pack is for the decal sheet. It is a water slide sheet with lots of white decals on it.


  1. Hi Chris,
    I have found another source for Alpha style nose cone.

    I well be following build.


    1. Hi Frank,
      Thanks for the link. I don't know if the picture reflects what they ight send. The picture shows four, the listing says three. I might order and get three Baby Bertha nose cones! I've had this sort of thing happen before when a vendor doesn't change out the picture when the product has changed.

    2. Chris,
      I ordered two packages of these nose cone. They came in yesterday. there were two of the rounded cone and two of the Alpha style cone in each pack so the photo is right.


    3. Chris, I forgot to ask. What is the length of the 60 body tube on the g-15? In the process of building the G-16.


    4. This is quite confusing...
      I don't think I've kept the hangtag on the packs of nosecones I'd picked up in the past for me to tell you the catalog number of the item. I vaguely recall at least two different packs for BT-60 sized nosecones (one with Bertha-style nosecone only, another with combo of rounded Bertha-style and more "pointy" style).
      The MegaHobby link lists the item pictured with SKU of EST3195. On the Estes site, we see item 003165 we have:
      * 2016 catalog lists 3165 "NC-60A Nose cone assortment (3 pack)" (and no picture)
      * 2015 catalog has 3165 listed as "NC-60A Nose cone assortment (4 pack)" (and no picture)
      * 2013 catalog lists 303165 as "NC-60A Nose cone assortment (4 pack)" (and no picture)
      * 2003 catalog lists 303165 as "NC-60A nose cone assortment (2 pack)"

    5. Hi Frank,
      What, you're building a G-16 already? You don't want to wait a year for me to produce the kit? I can't blame you! The BT-60 is 7 1/2" long. Let me know how it comes out.

    6. Hi Naoto,
      It is very confusing. I've seen BT-60 nose cone packs with just the Big Bertha style cones before. If I were to need this style nose cone I'd probably just get it in balsa from BMS.

    7. Of course, in the case for rockets of short length (a common feature of goonie type), space for recovery system is often a problem. Cutting off the back of the shoulder on a plastic nosecone gives you a lot of room. You'll have to hollow out (at least partially) the balsa nosecone to gain some space.

    8. Hi Naoto,
      I've cut off the nose cone shoulder on many too short models. On this recent G-16 Goony there is enough room for a carefully packed chute and wadding. One model that was way to short was the Quest Cobalt.

  2. Only vaguely related to this thread -- an aircraft was featured in an anime (from a number of years ago) featured an aircraft with a scheme reminiscent of the X-15.
    the aircraft is third item from bottom on the page. This aircraft is based on a mid-1950s British supersonic interceptor concept (Vickers Type 559).