Friday, May 19, 2017

Goony X-15, Part 9, Nose Weight

This one might be okay without any added nose weight but I'll play it safe and add a 1/2 oz. of clay.
I had already set the screw eye in the nose cone base. I unscrewed it along with some balsa from the shoulder.

I've never drilled out a nose cone for weight before! In the picture you can see the decals were already placed. Decals are shown in the next post.

The screw eye hole acted like a pilot hole. I started with a 1/8" drill and worked up to a 1/2" diameter drill shown at the right. Don't go too deep!

There was some balsa glued on the threads of the screw eye. I could have found a new one, but I'm cheap.
The balsa was filed out of the threads with a small diamond file.

1/2 oz. of clay was pushed into the nose cone hole.
The screw eye was screwed back in towards the outside of the shoulder. Turn the screw eye so it will clear the body tube when the nose cone is inserted in the tube.

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