Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Estes STM-012 Kitbash to the B32-M Spike, Background

Well, I thought it might work!
I bought two Estes STM-012 kits on Ebay with the hopes of kit-bashing one of them into an AMRAAM.
It never even occurred to me that the STM-012 model would have three through-the-wall fins. The AMRAAM has two sets of four fins. I would have to buy a couple new lengths of BT-60 to do the conversion. That, and the STM-012 nose cone was long!

So the kits sat for a few months with me wondering what to do with them. Then I remembered this design from Madcow:
The AGM-33 Pike.
I've always like the looks of this one, I did the instructions for their 1.6" diameter kit.
This won't be exact copy of the Madcow kit, just a look alike with different paint and decals. The Madcow design isn't based on an actual missile so you've got some creative leeway.
I'll be calling mine the B32-M SPIKE. Yep, I just made up the name. This should be fun!

This kitbash is certainly not meant to draw attention away from the Madcow AGM-33 kit. These are heavier duty, made for larger engines. Madcow produces great kits with well fitting components.


  1. I have the Madcow fiberglass 1.6" Pike, and I love it. I have the 4"on my wish list, as soon as I figure out how to make my garage bigger.

  2. Planning on building my STM per the instructions but this is the answer to my dislike for the paint scheme on the facecard - even with the standard fin configuration I think a faux-missile paint scheme is the answer.