Thursday, May 25, 2017

New Kevlar Supplier, Part 3

This softer Emma Kites Kevlar can fray at the end.
Tie an overhand knot close to the end.

Here's the weird thing about the Emma Kites Kevlar.
Normally a square knot stays tightly together after being pulled closed. After tightening, the knot starts to loosen and open up!

It's easy enough to fix.
A small drop of white or yellow wood glue adds the right amount of grab and keeps it closed. Apply a small dot of glue and pull the knot tight.

Here's the knot after the glue dried. It is closed and tight.

TIP: NEVER use super glues on knots, whether it is a Kevlar shock cord or shroud line knot. Super Glues run down the line and away from the knot. When the CA glue dries it makes the cord and knot stiff, brittle and breakable.

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