Saturday, May 27, 2017

Carded Red Max Build, Part 6, Tube Wrap

The final BT-5 length is 2 13/16" long. You might find it easier to use a piece of tube about 5" long and trim it to the size of the wrap after it is glued on.

Without using any glue check the fit of the tube wrap. The inset picture shows the black border line being trimmed off before gluing.

Draw a pencil line straight down the tube to line up the wrap edge.

Apply glue stick completely over the back of the wrap being sure to cover the edges well.
Start the wrap down the pencil line lining up the the top edge with the top of the body tube.

Here's the launch lug cover piece -
By the time you get all the way around you may have to add some more glue under the overlap seam. Burnish down the seam closing it up.

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