Monday, November 12, 2012

Fin Alignment Lines - TIP

On TRF, Manny Trotta posted a picture of how he draws lines for fin alignment and gluing.

Instead of a single pencil line, Manny draws two lines, the thickness of the fin stock.
Enlarge the picture to see the detail.

He's able to line up the root edge from both sides not just a single line down the tube.
A simple, smart idea. Thanks Manny!

Normally, I ask permission to post on my blog.
I can't find this original post on TRF.
Manny, I hope this is okay - it's too good a tip not to share.


  1. I do that also. I even find that it helps me if the outer lines are a skosh wider than the fins. My eyes seem to do a good job of centering the fin between them. These are also good guides if you have to slot the tube.

  2. Manny documented his build at

  3. BTW ... this is similar to a tip I've posted a couple of times.

    If you find that a printed fin-wrap guide is a little too small or too large for the body tube, put it on one direction and mark the fin positions. Then, slide the guide off the tube and back on the other direction. Line up one of the marks on the guide with the marks on the body tube. If there's a "launch lug" mark on the guide, line it up with the one on the tube, otherwise line up one of the fin marks. Now, use the guide to draw a second set of marks on the tube. Extend the marks along the tube. You'll have two parallel lines close to each other for some or all of the fins. Just center the roots of the fins between the parallel lines.