Friday, November 9, 2012

Long Cruise Project

If you can read the small print you know what I'll be working on while on the next cruise.
I'll be gone for 30 days, four cruises on three different ships.

One of the first Dr. Zooch kits I tried was the Saturn V.
Back then I didn't scan the wrap sheet. Now I do just in case I screw something up.
I can always print another shroud on some WalMart 110 lb. card stock.

This page isn't included in the Dr. Zooch kit. It is made up of many crops and re-pasting of the supplied cardstock art.
I'll be making all the small details while on the ship.

On the nozzle shrouds, I removed the words "UPPER' and 'LOWER". The wording was printed right on the shroud surface. I was concerned it could show through the paint. Years ago I made an Estes Mars Snooper and the printing on the tail shrouds showed through the finish color!

I made four of everything else. That small LES Skirt is hard to get right on the first try.
Extras are a good thing!

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  1. Just got done watching From the Earth to the Moon; looking forward to this one!