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July 14, 2012, STEM Launch

Orlando area STEM coordinator, Abdul Siddiqui, contacted the R.O.C.K. section about holding a launch for the High School Summer Engineering Interns. Twenty Alpha flights went up using A8-3 engines.
Bracha and Roger Smith, Sandy and Dave Ribakoff and I helped set up the equipment.

While we waited for the guest flyers to arrive, we saw the Space X Falcon satellite launch from the Cape. By my wristwatch, the launch came in sight around 11:16 a.m. At 11:21 we could hear the engines. The delayed thrust sounded like a fast thump, thump, thump instead of a steady roar.

A good turnout for the obligatory group picture. 

The field was wet and swampy, but spirits were high.
The single bank of four launchers looked like this for most of the session, lots of Estes Alphas.
Here, Chris from Winter Park High School connects up the micro clips.

Nate from Wekiva High School shows the correct stance and how to carry a rocket to the launch site.
All flights were successful with just a few melted parachutes.

The A8-3, 24 engine package had the Estes Starter igniters.
(These are the new igniters with clear tips and no pyrogen.)
We only had two misfires with no engine ignition. Before handing out the engines I explained that the bent tip of the "starters" had to make contact with the black powder inside the nozzle.

After all the STEM flights were complete I launched two Odd'l birds.

The UP! CUP flew with a C6-3 and the LITTLE GREEN MAN prototype had it's second successful C6-5 flight.
Also flown:
Before the students arrived, my Quest VIPER was launched with a Quest A6-4 to test out the system.

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