Monday, October 21, 2019

Estes Boosted Bertha #001946 Build, Finished

There you go - A great variation on a classic design!
This one went back to Estes, I've already seen a posted picture of it at NARAM - 61.

This will be a popular kit for Estes, made even better with the new screw-on engine retainers.


  1. Another exceptional build, Chris! Did you apply a clear coat after the decals? Thanks.

    1. Hi Mike,
      I don't clear coat unless I have to! Clear coats get very sticky on humid days. To get a good gloss, clear coats have to be sprayed on wet and fairly thick. Spray them on too light and it actually makes the finish look dull. On the Boosted Bertha I did apply a bit of Future clear around the decal at the top of the tube so it won't peel back. I'll put a dull coat on a scale model if requested for a paid build.
      If spray paint is correctly done there shouldn't be a reason for glossing it up. If the paint is smooth and shiny, a well made decal should stick just fine without a clear coat.

  2. Looks great, Chris. This reminds me. I need to get the Super Big Bertha.