Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Tools - The Essentials, Sanding Blocks Part 2

Here's my favorite sanding block - The Great Planes Easy Sander. It's made of aluminum, the top fits your hand very well.

The problem - 
Hobbico hasn't sold them for a while. Remember that bankruptcy? CLICK HERE

If you find one at your local hobby store - BUY IT! I liked these enough to buy three when they were still available. Two new 5.5" long Easy Sanders are still in the package.

You can still find the adhesive backed sandpaper rolls made for the sander. Their 220 grit seems a bit finer than what you'd find at Home Depot. Home Depot does sell sticky backed sandpaper rolls:
220 grit CLICK HERE, 400 grit  CLICK HERE
25 yards for $20.00 seems very reasonable.
The Great Planes rolls were 12 feet for $11.00.
The inset picture shows the overlap when the sticky strip is set down on the flat bottom plate. This overlap is cut off with scissors.

When I sand I set a old towel in my lap.
One pass is made on the primer/filler sprayed balsa, then the bottom of the block is wiped off on the towel. This prevents build-up of the primer on the sandpaper. I am dry sanding here.

More on this in the next post - 


  1. I was able to pick up one of these from Amazon back in April, but the seller no longer has any. I'm fortunate enough to live near a Klingspor's Woodworking Shop store and that's where I get their excellent adhesive-backed sandpaper rolls. Here's a link -

    1. Hi Mike,
      I haven't found the Great Planes blocks online - anywhere! I did buy some Klingspor 400 grit but it didn't last long! It's a very fine 400 grit. A little tough to peel off the block but the Rocket Noob told me to peel off under running water. That worked!

  2. Hi Guys!:

    I've had the same problem with trying to find the GP sanding devices. I have ONE! Wanted to pick up another one to put the 400 grit paper on but no soap!! Guess I'll have to guard the one I have with my life!

    1. Hi JHall,
      We can only hope it is brought back! I am going to check out the Home Depot sanding paper rolls. They are so much cheaper.