Thursday, October 24, 2019

Semroc Andromeda Build, Part 17, Applying The Decals

In the instructions you are given placement measurements.
Here I'm leaving most all of the decal on the backing paper. The right side of the "A" in Andromeda is set on the 9/16" spacing before the backing is slid back to the left with the decal remaining on the surface.

Always, always, always wet the area where the decal will end up. You want to have some water underneath the decal surface so it will slide for positioning, especially on this textured, metallic finish.

The largest "wing" decal is in two pieces. Be sure to set the decal into the root edge/body tube joint.

Again, use a damp Q-tip to work out the air bubbles and get a better surface seal on this textured paint.
At the bottom the two decals butt up at the fin root edge.

Be very careful with the metallic wrap.
When I peeled off the back, the stripes were starting to split.

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