Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Semroc Andromeda Build, Part 14, Decals and Paint Choices

Back to finish up the Semroc Andromeda - 

I had assembled the Semroc Andromeda earlier on the blog. I was waiting on the decals, I understand Semroc had some delays finding a vendor to make them, silk screened-old style. These decals have some white ink on them, they will go on over black paint.
The black stripes on the metallic tube wrap aren't printed, they are laser burned!

I assembled this one to produce the line drawings for the Semroc kit instructions. I didn't really put in as much time as normal, filling and smoothing the glue fillets.

I'd spray on some black, then sand glue boogers. I had difficulty smoothing out the tight areas between those centering rings outside the tube.

I had to do some camouflage. Gloss paint will show every little dip and rough surface.
I can't spray the model flat black, decals won't stick to matte finishes. I did the next best thing.

TIP: I've had great luck with the Rustoleum Metallic paints in the past. While it isn't a real shiny gloss finish, decals have adhered pretty well before. The little metallic speck reflections will cover the imperfections.

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