Thursday, October 24, 2019

Tools - The Essentials, The Hobby Knife Blade, Part 2

They aren't kidding when they say their blades are "surgically sharp!" I couldn't count the many times I have cut my fingers.
TIP: Keep Band-aids at your work bench!

For years I removed and changed the blades incorrectly. I'd twist the ferule, then pinch and pull up on the blade.

Try this (if you don't already) -
Turn the ferule until there is a small space at the base. Don't remove the ferule.

Press down on the ferule and you'll hear a "snap". The blade is now loose in the handle.

Lift up on the blade from the flat back.

If you don't have a blade disposal container -
Fold a few wraps of masking tape over the sharp side. You don't want to find a blade when you are smashing things down in the trash can!

Blades can be "sharpened" or stropped. Stropping a blade that starts to lose it's edge will extend it's useful life. CLICK HERE
I don't bother with stropping, I'll usually change out for a new blade.

These blades are brittle, a little side pressure will snap off the tip. When the blade tip breaks off, there is not much you can do. The blade should be changed out.

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  1. With regards to procedure for replacing blades in the X-acto #1 handle, I do recall that the instructions did indeed describe the method you indicate (at least back in the 1970s when I first got my first X-acto knife -- there was a sheet of instructions. Haven't bought one recently to know if they come with instructions anymore).

    On a side note with regards to disposal of old blades... An old practice of disposal of old "safety razor" blades that that makes you wonder if anybody actually thought this out completely: