Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Estes Solo #7288 Build, Finished

Once in a while it's nice to assemble a model that doesn't require body tube and balsa filling.
I was very curious about this design as I always wanted to try the old Flying Stovepipe model.
The big surprise was how large this rocket is. I would have hoped to launch it with B6-2 engines, but a C6-3 is the only recommended engine. We'll see how well that ring glider performs!

TRIVIA: The two Solo "pin fins" reminded me of the old MPC Martian patrol fins. On the Martian Patrol, two Styrofoam saucers go for a ride and separate at ejection. The UFO's flip and "hover" to the ground, the rocket returns by parachute.


  1. I fly on a B6-4 Because I got nearly a one minute glide on the C and was lucky to recover the glider. B6-4 yields glides around 20 seconds. If there is some wind go with B6-2.

    1. Hi 5X7,
      I took your advice and went with the B6-2 - Impressive "glide!" This one could be a favorite.

  2. Agreed. The boost is straight and the ring glider does amazingly well.