Monday, October 28, 2019

Estes Little Joe 1, #7255, Build Part 4, Creasing The Leading Edge Skin

You shouldn't fold the fin cover skin without pre-embossing the center line.
I wouldn't recommend creasing the line on corrugated cardboard, the interior wavy layer runs one direction. Unless the scribe line is lined up with the interior cardboard layer you'll crease dips in the skin.

TIP: Practice some crease lines outside the printed skin borders to get a feel for how the card stock embosses.

I use the tip of a butter knife to score the embossed line. Find a knife with no serrations near the tip. This is how the old Estes Saturn 1B fins were embossed to be folded.

Do a soft fold down the middle line of the fin skin. To get a clean final sharp fold you should make the crease in short steps. Don't try to make an immediate sharp fold.

Continue working the fold.
Here I'm increasing the angle over the top edge of my triangular engineer's ruler.

When the sides are getting close, do the final sharp fold using a burnisher like the barrel of a Sharpie pen.

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