Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Estes Solo #7288 Build, Part 6, Ends & Edges

Small pieces of Scotch tape are placed inside to hold the ring to the card stock tube.

The inset picture shows the completed "glider".
The SOLO name decal is a sticker on a clear background.
When set on the blue body tube it's a little washed out. It probably needed a white undercoat, but that's a moot point.

TIP: When placing a sticker, lift it with the end of your hobby knife and place it using the knife, not your fingers. Don't touch the underside or you'll see your fingerprints through the clear backing.

TIP: I've marked the shock cord at the 1 1/2" depth where the tri-fold mount should end up from the top of the tube.
Drop it in up to the pencil mark, then press the glued mount in place.
The nose cone fit was a bit loose and took a wrap of tape for a better fit.

I attached the parachute to a snap swivel. The snap swivel was tied to the shock cord about 6" away from the nose cone. This is to keep parachute line tangles to a minimum.


  1. I clear coated the tube to keep it from getting dew soaked

    1. Hi 5X7,
      Good idea, I didn't think about that. I'll have to give mine a clear coat.