Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dr. Zooch Saturn V Build Fairing Fixes

I wasn't happy with the way the fin cut outs looked.
After correcting the angle of the fins (sanding the root edge) the root edge was shorter and didn't fit the cut out areas in the fairings.

On two of the fins there was a small white tip showing above the top of the root edge joint.
Using the same cardstock supplied with the kit, I drew a straight line with a Sharpie marker.

Small wedges were cut in a pie shape, half white - half black.

I cut quite a few of these, the wide ends were cut off making them even smaller than shown here.

Glue was applied to the open wedge hole above the root edge.

The wedge tip was picked up on a toothpick tip, there was a small bit of glue left on the tip of the toothpick.

The toothpick was used to position and set the wedge into the white recessed area.

Before the glue dried the small wedge was rolled down into the recess with a clean, sharpened dowel.

The picture at the right shows one of the two fixed fairings.
While not perfect, this looks much better than it did before the fix.

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