Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dr. Zooch Saturn V Build Step 13 Fin Letters and Decals

Back tracking to Step 9, I waited to glue on the fin letters and Roman Numeral position markers.

The paper letters and numbers were held with tweezers for gluing and positioning.

Below the letter "C" is a card stock piece cut so the letter edges can be lined up consistently from fin to fin.

After the letters were tacked down, they were smoothed out and burnished using a Q-tip.
Decals - about time!
The larger USA decals are simply centered in the lowest white bands.

The flag decals sat a little higher on the real Saturn V.
I used my large Estes Saturn V for a reference.

A straight strip of paper was wrapped around the tube for a height reference.
The center point (between the white band above the flag shown here) was marked with pencil on the paper wrap.
The lower edge of the paper wrap kept all four flags at the same height and the top of the flag straight.

Another thinner paper strip was wrapped above the long UNITED STATES decal location.

The UNITED STATES is centered between the two wraps.

After measuring the decal and finding it's center the paper strip was taped on and used for a reference. The lower edge of the paper insured all four decals were centered and at the same height.

The vertical strip of black boxes sits closer and higher than the instruction drawing shows.

Included in the kit was a paper print of the decal sheet if you had problems using the water slide decals. I didn't have any problems using the water slides.

Lastly, install the shock cord and parachute.

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