Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Quest Aerospace One Part 12 Step 22 Rudder Masking

As mentioned before, I decided to paint the blue on rather than use the stick on pieces.
I used my standard Scotch tape masks hit with a black marker.
The tape was set on glass and a wide marker line is drawn down the middle. The tape is cut down the middle of the line with a strait edge.
This gives me a sharp clean line. The marked edge lets me see where the tape is set down.

The intersection of the two lines comes to a sharp point. It was marked with a pencil and the tape cut.
This is the completed mask ready for the blue paint.

The Scotch tape goes down first followed by regular copy paper held down on the Scotch tape with cheap masking tape.

After spraying here's the finished mask.

The upper rudder shows the outside.
The lower rudder goes on the opposite side of the body tube. This is the inside mask. I should have masked the blue near the glue area!

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