Thursday, December 29, 2016

Create Your Own Rocket?

Here's something new - CREATE YOUR OWN ROCKET
To see the webpage, CLICK HERE

These might be larger variations of the Mix and Match series.
Descriptions are vague and the only currently available color is black, not the orange, black and silver colors listed in the copy. No diameters, how tall or what engines? $99.99 - for a single rocket?


  1. Considering you can get 4" cardboard kits from both Madcow and Loc for less than this, I will be really interested to see the details on what makes this worth $100.

  2. Looks pretty clear that page was not ready to go public yet. The $99.99 price was probably just a placeholder. I don't see where this page was linked from — it's not on the What's New or Coming Soon page. (On Coming Soon is just one kit that in fact has been available since October, apparently... Hello, Estes, get your web site together!)

    1. You're right Rich,
      It probably is a "placeholder" page and price. Still interesting though. It's like the old style Chinese restaurant menu - One from column A, one from Column B. It's all done for you, no creativity.