Sunday, December 18, 2016

Rocketry Show Interview with John Boren

The Rocketry Show interviews John Boren of Estes Industries.
One hour of great information on rocket design and kits!

CLICK HERE to hear the interview.

Pretty interesting to hear how some kits are designed to clear out overstocked nose cones.
No future Pro Series II models on the horizon. The newer "web only" Pro Series kits are to clear out existing parts.
Mr. Boren hints at a Sci-Fi bring back using a nose cone "You can't turn on a lathe." The model has an "Absence of color", meaning it is black.
Could it be one of these? CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE
I would doubt Estes would bring back the SR-71 Blackbird. That kit is a very difficult build.


  1. I will listen to the interview - The Rocketry Show is a hoot, one of my favorite iPod choices during long runs or mowing the yard - but my first impulse after reading your blog entry was to locate a Mega Der Red Max and place an order. Then I thought againv- there are plenty of awesome kits roughly that size and configuration from vendors who consistently support mid-power rocketry. Though I might order a set of MDRM decals just in case a scratch-build is needed :-)

    1. As far as the next Sci-Fi release - I'd bet on one of the Nova variations or the Corsair. The style fits well with the Puma, Scorpian, Lynx, Cobra, and Alien Invader kits. Though if we get to vote it's the X-15!

  2. Hi Openroad,
    Regarding the Mega Red Max, the water slide decals are really big! Very hard to slide and position at that size. I'd almost recommend going with vinyl from Stickershock. He has many different variations and sizes available.
    I know Estes won't bring back the smaller plastic X-15. If memory serves me right it was recalled because of lead content in the paint. The other X-15 was sort-of a "Goony" version. But, he said it would be a Sci-Fi bring back.
    I think it might end up being one of the "Nova" models, too.

    1. It could be the Andromeda. With no new PS II kits I hope Estes will continue to make the 29 mm motors. I really like the F15-4 and E16-4.

    2. Hi Jim,
      I don't think it will be the Andromeda. In the interview Mr. Boren said the nose cone is "One you can't turn on a lathe."
      If enough people are buying the 29mm engines Estes will continue to produce them.

    3. Now that I've listened to the show it sounds like 29mm BP engines are not at risk. The rebranded Aerotech engines appear to be going away - except for the E30 composite used by the Little Joe II.

  3. This's soooo awesome! I bet it's gonna be the Star Ship Nova!

  4. Hey, guys! Daniel the Rocket N00b here.

    John was on my wish list of show guests. It was great. We talked for another hour and a half after the show at least. He would have talked with us for hours, but a couple of us had to get up early. We learned some really interesting stuff, and he was a lot of fun to talk to. I wish I had access to a warehouse full of nose cones!