Sunday, December 4, 2016

My Christmas Decorating Project

Here's another "If it wasn't for rocket building I never would have tried this" posts.
When I was a kid we made our own Christmas decorations Good or bad, we put them up! Now some front yards look just like the holiday sales display at Home Depot. I hate those inflatables. Here's my attempt at Christmas decorating, BIG red ornaments!

10" plastic plate sprayed red on the back.

A cardboard hanger cap was cut out of scrap cardboard. These window hangers have got to be light.

The cap was curved along the corrugations.
Silver was sprayed first, then black on the sides and white in the middle to made it look more rounded.

A coat hanger ring was bent, pressed and glued into the corrugations.

The back long tab is taped to the back of the dish.

One each is up in the five front windows of my house. Some will figure it out, others will walk by and say: "Why are those red plates in the window?" What's Martha Stewart got that I ain't got?

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  1. That's a Great Idea! They'd even look good hanging in front yard pines!