Thursday, December 8, 2016

The BIG Fix, Estes Honest John, Part 2

I'll have to make a coupler that will fit around the TTW fins tabs right above the cut engine mount tube.

A short segment of BT-50H was cut into quarters. The sides were trimmed more to allow space to fit between the sides of the TTW fin tabs.
These were glued around the new extension piece with equal spacing between the pieces.

Look close at the bottom left and you can see the lower open space around the fin tab.

A D engine was slid in to make sure the tube ends were aligned.
Remove the engine before the glue starts to set.

The centering ring was pressed into place and rested against the back of the interior tube segments. Here I'm applying a glue fillet with a Q-tip.

The middle ring of the retainer was glued over the end with epoxy.
Perfect? No. Launchable? - YES!


  1. Very ingenious! Great save for a fine rocket.

  2. As a BAR, I am constantly amazed with your polished creativity. I always look forward to reading your posts.