Thursday, December 15, 2016

Estes Long Tom #3016 Build, Part 16, Booster Comparison

Here's how the booster came out.
It still reflects the Centuri paint styles from when the kit came out in the 1970s.

The inset picture shows a part of the face card art.
The back end of the rocket had a lot of black. I didn't feel like masking four fins anyway.


  1. Holy Cow, Chris! That looks fantastic! You arrived at the perfect solution of leaving two fins white, and boy does she POP! I applied the translucent red decals on black fins and my Long Tom looks like disappointment. Next one I build, I'll certainly follow your lead.

    1. Thanks Overeasy,
      This seemed like the best way out! I wish Estes would double check their kit decals before printing them up in China. Too many kits don't have the white undercoat or not enough decals to duplicate the face card illustration.