Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Estes Long Tom #3016 Build, Part 15, Booster Decal Cheats

Here you can see the kit only supplied left side fin stripes.

TIP: I picked up a trick on the Estes QCC Explorer build. Estes only supplied decals for one side of the intakes. Someone on the forums slid the decal off the backing sheet and flipped it over, laying it top side down. The adhesion wouldn't be as good but with a clear coat of Future the decals will stay in place.

That seemed like an easy way out on this build.
The overlap rolled over the rounded leading edge joining the stripes at the top. The invisible clear border was rolled over and past the leading edge.

Future clear coat was applied with a Q-tip.

Don't roll over the clear edge at the bottom. After the decal dries carefully trim off the clear with a sharp knife. Follow up with Future on the edges.

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