Friday, December 23, 2016

Quest 18mm Composite Engines?

The Rocket N00b announced new Quest engines on his blog: CLICK HERE

I knew about this months ago but was asked not to bring it up yet on my blog. I had a few phone conversations with Charlie Sovoie about Quest when I drew up the new MONSTRA kit instructions for Aerotech.
As black powder engines have gone up in price, competitively priced 18mm composite propellant engine can now be produced. These engines will probably be in the B, C and D ranges.

I would expect the official announcement to be made at the upcoming NARCON.


  1. Gary Rosenfield basically announced this last February at NARCON. See

    1. Hi Rich,
      It was mentioned at the last NARCON. In my recent phone calls with Charlie Savoie, he mentioned they were closer to getting them produced for sale. The NAR certification could have been a hurdle.

  2. I'm drooling all over my phone. You know me and my composite motors. Plus, the AT 18mm reloads are not competitively priced to BP.