Saturday, December 24, 2016

More Rockets Mach 10 Build Part 5, Wing Gluing

The two wing halves are glued together.
No dihedral angle on this wing! It is one flat piece.

Under the canted stabilizer are two support pieces.

I made sure they were flat with the leading edge of the rudder by setting my sanding block against them.
Here's how the support pieces ended up. Once the top was lined up they did overhang the back. After the glue dried the overhang was sanded even with the back of the rudder edge.

On the left the canted stabilizer is not glued on yet. I set it there to check the position and fit of the supports.

Draw a line down the body tube before gluing on the wing to help with alignment.
The instructions don't mention this but it does help keep the wing straight.

The back of the wing is glued 1 3/8" from the rear of the BT-60 tube.

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