Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Estes Long Tom #3016 Build, Part 13, Sustainer Decals

The large striped wrap goes all the way to the top of the upper tube.
It's hard to see the the picture but the clear overcoat goes beyond the red and black edge.
The inset picture shows the decal with clear border cut off so it can be positioned all the way to the edge of the tube.

I was curious to see if the decals had any white backing. I slid the Estes decal off the backing and it was clear.
This helps decide what to do with the red booster fin stripes later on. They have no white undercoat so they wouldn't be visible on black fins!

I also cut the TM off the LONG TOM decal. There's no reason (as a consumer) for it being there.
Set the stripe wrap down first. With the long wrap on the upper body you can find the correct location for the next decal.

With a pencil, mark the center of the tube area below the long stripe wrap. Mark the center of the LONG TOM name. Use both center marks to easily position and center the decal.

While  the decal is still wet, double check the position visually, not just by the pencil lines. Sometimes you start with the actual center then slightly adjust the decal so it is visually centered.

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