Thursday, December 22, 2016

Quest Pipsqueak Background

Scigs30 does beautiful builds and posts them on The Rocketry Forum.
These are his work and pictures.

A recent blog comment from David Carllucy prompted me to do a comparison of the two kits. On the left is the Quest Pipsqueak, on the right the Quest Novia.
Both are basically the same kit, the Novia is simply a longer 20mm body tube and slightly different nose cone. Both models use the same fins.

The Quest Pipsqueak was a "carry over" from the original MPC 15mm diameter Pipsqueak. It was the smallest of the 13mm MPC Minijet line. The MPC Pipsqueak fins look a little different.

When Quest started out (using much of the MPC parts) the Pipsqueak became a 20mm model.

This back page ad from the old Model Rocketry magazine showed the size of the original Pipsqueak.
You can find this and other Model Rocket Magazine scans: CLICK HERE

Here's the dimensions for the old 15mm diameter MPC Pipsqueak: CLICK HERE

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