Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Estes Long Tom #3016 Build, Part 14, Booster Decals

This is the booster after sanding down the rough spots of the first white coat.
Hold the model up to a bright light and look for glue boogers and any raised areas in the fillets.

After the paint had thoroughly dried I checked decal placement.
The red fin stripes didn't have a white undercoat so they'll go on the white fins.
I thought the kit supplied right and left side decals but there were only left side stripes.
Hold the decal over the fin against a bright light to find out where it will sit on the fin. Allow for a small overlap on the top and bottom.

The left sides were applied first
I drew a pencil line down a piece of card stock to use as a spacing template. With the side of the card stock against the root edge the spacing was checked at the top and bottom of the stripes.

The top ends rolled over the rounded leading edge with the red ending halfway over the top. See the next post for a better picture.

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