Thursday, December 22, 2016

More Rockets Mach 10 Build Part 4, Lighter Wood Fill

For a decent glide you've got to build this one light!
I've had a tube of HobbyLite Filler for a few years and rarely use it.
It weighs nearly nothing. It's like the ultra light wall spackle you find at a home improvement store.

I told my client the balsa grain would be filled but not by using my regular CWF and primer/filler. I've got to keep it light.
This "glider" will get one filling of the HobbyLite and sanding. Assembly follows then right to the olive drab paint.

Here's all the balsa parts before filling with the Hobbylite.
The wood weighs in at .39 oz.
After sanding down the single application of HobbyLite, all the balsa weighs .42 oz. This would be much lighter than the CWF and primer/filler would be.

The HobbyLite filler does work but is harder to apply than the CWF. I wouldn't recommend it for normal rocket building.

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  1. I use those fillers for my RC planes so I always have a jug around. I use it on my rockets if there is a spot that needs tweaking before final coat of paint. Light and sands easy.