Saturday, December 17, 2016

Flying Engine Mount Build Part 4, Gluing It Together

Notch the tube 1 1/2" from the rear for the engine hook bend.
The lower ring is glued 1/4" from the end of the BT-5.
A wrap of electrical tape goes above that.

Here's how the mount glues together.
While the instructions show the upper ring flush with the end of the engine mount tube, I set it back sto a fillet can be applied on both sides.

The engine block is recessed in from the top of the BT-5.
Use an engine casing to press it in place against the upper bend of the engine hook.
After it is in position apply a fillet of glue through the top.

To protect the surfaces from a dewey grass landing, a coat of Future acrylic was brushed on with a Q-tip.
It's almost ready to fly . . . 

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