Saturday, December 10, 2016

Logo Decals?

Estes logo decals are usually included in their kits. I rarely put them on a rocket.
I'm the type of person who refuses to buy designer clothes or shoes with predominantly displayed logos. If they were to pay me for being a walking billboard I would probably display their name.
I feel the same way about rockets. If you've been in the hobby for a short time you pretty much know who sells what without the name stuck on the model.
In the past I've pulled off the dealership logo from the back of the car before the sticker sets into the paint. Why should the car dealership get name recognition? They didn't design the car.

It bothers me is to see a scale model with an Estes logo decal on it.
In the past I have cut off an Estes logo and replaced it with a Centuri name. This picture is the Payloader II, from when Estes brought back classic model kits. Some were Centuri designs. I added the Centuri logo in tribute to the original.

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