Sunday, December 4, 2016

Launch! Orlando R.O.C.K., December 3, 2016

Weather has cooled down in central Florida. With the holidays approaching there wasn't a big crowd today. Skies were clear but winds were up to 15 mph.
The first few models drifted into the trees so many switched over to streamers. 

Here's a new one, the FLYING ENGINE MOUNT. It's based on Steve Lindeman's Little Me-Me. Steve re-purposed the 13mm engine mount from the Estes Jetliner as a small spool.
It flew twice with A10 engines. Lonnie B. donated an engine for the second launch.
Boost is labored and capped out at about 65 feet. A fast tumbling spin brings it down.

An old favorite, the Quest TOMAHAWK SLCM flew with a Chinese made Quest B6-4. Loud thrust with an altitude of 325'.
To compensate for the wind, today all my parachute shroud lines were taped closed so the chute couldn't fully open.

Another OOP Quest kit, the X-15 was next with an Estes B6-4.
Straight boost to 325' with the reefed parachute recovery.

Skip Paret joined us today to fly some classic rockets.
Take a look at the fin layout on this original design.

I usually keep something small in my range box as ready models for windy days.
This is the BT-5 carded ASP. It screamed with a 1/2A34t to an estimated 425'. The streamer kept recovery close.

Last flight (and wasted engine of the day) was the Estes PATRIOT with a B6-4.
The Estes altimeter read a whopping 101 feet! Pretty poor performance, it could have been a bad engine. I've never had that low a flight with a B and altimeter before.
The chute ejected late with the model nose down.

Six up, Six recovered with no damage.

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