Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The BIG Fix, Estes Honest John, Part 1

I hope I'm not the only one who has done this!

My first D12-5 flight of the Estes Honest John looked great! I picked it up and walked it back to my car.
I didn't notice this until I got home.

It was a D12-5 flight . . .
I didn't put the 1" orange spacer in before the engine was installed.
At launch the engine flew forward and hit the engine block. The flame was hitting the low end of the engine mount and melting the plastic retainer.

The last inch of the engine tube was pretty well charred through. It was worth making a repair. This was one of those fixes I let sit for a while as I figured out the best way to do it.

The last inch or so of motor mount needed to be cut off. With a sharp knife I cut the cleanest, straightest line possible.
Those TTW fin tabs won't allow an outside coupler to hold the new body tube on.
More time . . . more thinking.

A length of BT-50H was cut about 3/4" long. I guessed at the length.
That's the inside ring of the engine retainer. It wasn't burnt and will be re-used.


  1. You could use a short length of BT-52 tubing as a sleeve.

  2. Hi BAR,
    I probably could have used a BT-52 but didn't have any handy. The problem is the TTW fin tabs! The low end of the tabs is right where the new tube will be glued on. The solution is in the next post.