Wednesday, December 28, 2016

More Rockets Mach 10 Build Part 8, Canopy Forming

The lines on the canopy should be scored.
Score them, don't try to cut halfway through the card stock.

I used the back of my knife to score the lines. the rough break-off edge was filed a bit to smooth out the edge.
After filing, run the back of the blade on some card stock to check if it is smooth. If not, file some more.

Use your straightedge and emboss the canopy lines.

Emboss the scored lines before cutting out the canopy.
It's just easier to score the lines when the piece is larger with the border areas.
Pre-bend down the embossed lines then cut out the canopy.
Use very little glue making sure glue is completely covering the tab area.
Hold the tab closed for a minute while the glue sets using long tweezers.

Before gluing onto the body tube, do a dry fit and draw a pencil line around the canopy for easier positioning.

Use a small line of glue around the inside edge and set the canopy using the pencil lines.

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