Saturday, January 28, 2017

Estes Galactic Taxi #1914 Build Part 10, Yellow Paint and Decals

The model gets an coat of bright yellow.
That's it! All yellow, no masking.

I always shoot the inside areas that might not get full paint coverage first. Then shoot the entire model overall yellow.

I printed up the decal scan that was on That print is on the left, the new version is on the right.

I wasn't happy with how they printed up. The scan picked some yellowing and that showed up on the home print decal.
Some of the edges were blurred so I did a re-draw.

The decals were green and orange! A green canopy window?
I did add some black to the mix, just a little.
It's not an exact match, but who cares?

Here's a closeup, the first print on the left, the new print on the right.
On the left you can see some of the slight scan discoloration. I was concerned the border areas wouldn't be clear.
Again, not exact but the transfers will be cleaner.


  1. You made those decals really pop!

  2. Thanks Lonnie! They transferred well and look good against the yellow paint.

  3. Never had this kit, so I can't really confirm the colors of the decals nor anything about the image on the facecard (in particular the use of green), but this seems to not in agreement with what appears in the catalog (though I do recall a few occasions where the catalog image and actual kit as released were slightly different). I do agree that light green canopy windows does seem a bit odd (though a dark green might work).

    1. Hi Naoto,
      I got the decal scan from
      My decals were re-drawn and colored from that PDF scan. There have been plenty of kits where the final production kit doesn't match the catalog picture.