Saturday, January 14, 2017

Estes Solar Warrior (#3225) Build, Part 12, First White Paint

This rarely happens to me, but I did get two small bugs landing in the paint!
Now a big deal, these will be sanded off before any more paint is sprayed.
I've started to sand down any rough spots and bugs.
Most of the time is spent taking down some of the fillet ridges and any glue blobs.

Enlarge the picture to take a better look at the upper fins. The light reflection shows how little paint is sanded off - just knock off the tops. You don't have to sand to the surface here.

There is a lot of inside angles, fin fillets and fin plate fillets to sand smooth before the next white coats are sprayed.

The engine nozzle was painted off the model in a Metallic Black paint.

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